ORGANIK Dantza-Antzerki / Danza-Teatro
ORGANIK uses movement as its means of expression when talking about what interests it. It works with original music for each project. Based on physical and energetic movement, loaded with emotion and intent, it also makes use of text at times and generous doses of humour. ORGANIK was founded with two objectives: to investigate new trends in contemporary dance and its fusion with theatre and other arts, and secondly to diffuse and promote dance on different stages and scenes; theatre, street, and other alternative spaces. Natalia Monge has directed ORGANIK since its inception.

ORGANIK created the “Tellagorri” (along with Helena Golab) and “Tellagorri Bi” street performances in 2002/03.
In 2004 it created “ES3IN” and in 2007 “+ES3” with the same six artists, both shows subsidised by the Basque Government. In “ES3IN”, dance is mixed with theatre and live music and in “ES3” the study of stress is approached from a more humorous direction.
“Malditas” is the most ambitious ORGANIK project, produced in conjunction with five festivals (Umore Azoka-Feria de Artistas Callejeros de Leioa, Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle de Valladolid, Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteizko Udala: Kaldearte, Ayuntamiento de Bilbao: Bilboko Kalealdi, y Bilboko Aste Nagusia y la Feria de Donostia-dFeria.) Alongside these co-productions, it is subsidised by the Departamento de Cultura. Not only touring prestigious Art Festivals in Spain,  “Malditas” has appeared in Colombia (Festival Internacional de Teatro de Manizales) and in Festivals in Cordoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina. “Malditas” is a night time street performance conceived with the intention of being shown in parks or tree-shaded areas, where it works from horror to humour. It is a collaboration made with the work “Los niños malditos” by the sculptor Alberto Saavedra.
In 2012 “Carneros” questioned the subject of ram fighting, still visible in parts of The Basque Country.

In 2003 ORGANIK created “Tu o yo” and in 2006 the improvisation “Serie Impros” with two dancers and live music. In 2008, in “Lilas” it works with three dancers, and takes a humorous look at the subject of female hormones. 2010 saw the premiere of “MANIÁTIC@S” a trio taking an ironic look at our individual manias and behaviour. In 2012, “In corpore sano” reflected on the world of diets and gymnasiums with four dancers.

Born in Bilbao 1972. National Rhythmical Gymnastics Coach. Degree in Physical Education with a specialisation in Physical Expression. Graduate in Choreographic Composition from SNDD (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam 1998-2001). Dancer with the Circus Wonder Company (Les Ballets C. De la B.) en Holland, Belgium and France.
Selected for the IV Muestra de Jóvenes Coreógrafos (MJC) with “d’k’me hablas…?, a work which won 2nd Prize at the VI Certamen de Danza Contemporánea Masdanza in the Canary Islands, and which formed part of the programme for the XII IT’S Theaterschool International Festival, Amsterdam.
In the V MJC presents “Izquierda-derecha, izquierda-derecha…” with Marija Bujaki (Amsterdam, Bilbao). In the VI presents “Mejor mal acompañado que solo” and in the IX presents “Cuatro y cuarto” alongside Izaskun Santamaria and Itziar Madariaga.
Also composes the solo “360 grados” (Amsterdam, Bilbao, Portugal), the quartet “Summer Camp” (Amsterdam) and the street performances “Tellagorri” with Helena Golab and “TellagorriBI” with ORGANIK Danza-Teatro (Fiestas San Ignacio 2001/02, Algorta).
Appears as a dancer in various pieces in Amsterdam and Germany both in improvisation and in audiovisual work. Scholarship from Fundación Autor (Berlin 2002). Since 2002 has organised and directed ORGANIK, developing and creating all aforementioned pieces. Combines the work of a creator with that of an educator at colleges and at the Escuela de Magisterio de la Universidad del Pais Vasco.
Finishes Doctorate studies in the programme “Pensamiento y praxis en el arte actual” at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Leioa, and completes her post-doctorate thesis entitled “Los procesos creativos en espectáculos de danza-teatro” (November 2005). Currently working on her thesis investigating composition in dance.