Education Project

“Are we all MANIÁTIC@S?”

The idea of starting an educational project grew from Organik’s desire to unite two compatible fields. It attempts to bring together two worlds: on one hand, the world of the stage and on the other the educational world.

We want to take advantage of the director’s experience in teaching adolescents Physical Education for 8 years in Secondary and High School (Sixth Form).

The necessity of awareness of dance in our society is obvious. We believe it is our responsibility to create new audiences, but above all we believe it is necessary to educate those audiences. We have chosen a very definite audience, the adolescents, a group we believe that is not adequately served by specific performances and to whom very little information arrives.

It doesn’t consist of solely creating a performance specifically targeted for this group, but of bringing them to within our creative process. We want to achieve this performance by having actively introduced the target audience to the practical processes, putting the student in situations where they have to resolve the issues with their own personal tools and resources.




This project provides physical as well as psychological benefits for the student. We work on personal integrity by means of physical movement, with the emotions as a starting point. This promise is expressed in the following manner in the BOPV (Boletin Official del Pais Vasco):

“In the current school curriculum we have lost the potential harnessed by physical movement as an instrument for communication of the senses, ideas, and messages transmitted via body language such as sounds, non verbal communication, and creative expressionism. By some means we must endeavour to work more with the Expressive-Affective dimension of the student, a dimension connected with the world of emotions, feelings, elements which are intimately related to self esteem, structure and creation of personality, the overcoming of inhibitions; enjoyment in creative environments, sensitivity with respect to human values, etc”